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Estate Planning

Your “estate” will include almost everything that you have of value. This can include your home, car and jewellery to savings and investments.

We can help you work in unity as a family to protect your loved ones when you are no longer around. As with most planning, being proactive can make a significant difference. Trusts are commonly used to ensure that your wealth is managed and distributed in accordance with your wishes.

As you become older, you may have accumulated significant wealth, resulting in an Inheritance Tax problem. Inheritance Tax can be very penal with assets over your available nil rate band(s) being taxed at 40% (certain exemptions do apply). Therefore, it is important to receive advice with this complex matter. By making use of lifetime planning opportunities and tailor-making Wills and trusts to your particular circumstances, you can ensure that your valuable assets are retained for future generations in the most financially prudent and effective way.