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With the introduction of Pensions Freedom legislation in 2015, this has transformed the world of retirement planning. Nowadays, as you get older, you may want to reduce your working hours, access capital to repay mortgages and other debt, make the most of your health and take those holidays you’ve been thinking about or support your children and grandchildren with their key life events.

As we are continuing to live longer, you will need your retirement fund to last significantly longer than your parents did and as part of this planning you will also need to take your long-term care provisions into consideration.
Knightsbridge Wealth Management will work with you to consider all the options, based on your needs and risk appetite. As part of the financial planning process, it is our job to blend the savings vehicles that will yield the most efficient income in retirement.

With life expectancy increasing year on year, we are now seeing the potential to spend almost as many years enjoying retirement as we have spent saving for it. Planning for it correctly will provide you with the standard of living you wish after you stop work.

Forward planning for your retirement can mean having the reassurance of financial security in later years, rather than the worry of wondering how you will cope. A comfortable lifestyle in retirement is something to which we all aspire, and increasing longevity means that we all need to make extra provision for that retirement.